Mirrored view….


Mom, could you upgrade my phone to an iPhone, please?” The doll asked me the other day. “No” I simply replied. “First of all I’d have to transfer you to my account and second, you don’t need one. That’s what your iPod is for”. “But mom, I need cell service when I’m not in wi-fi” The doll challenged. “No, you don’t” I replied before adding, if you’re really desperate, you could turn that iPod into a phone via an app. But you would have to pay for it. Frankly, I’m not sure why you can’t carry both your cell phone and iPod with you,” and thankfully she dropped the conversation.

Yet I have to admit, I’ve seen the doll turn her iPod into something more than just a game and music device lately. Why just the other day I witnessed the doll find a whole new use for her iPod. One that had nothing to do with a complex game or listening to music or even texting with her girlfriends. No siree Jim Dandy! Instead, she had turned her device into a very complex, energy draining, run of the mill, mirror. Which is really dumb considering we have a full-length mirror in the downstairs bathroom, not to mention a 3-side vanity mirror in her bedroom.

As I watched her move her device around her head while she bobbed and weaved below it, I stopped what I was doing choosing instead, to simply stare at her. Taking notice of me taking notice of her, she lowered the device and asked “What?” “Are you using that as a mirror?” I asked. “Yes,” She replied and then went back to bobbing and playing with her hair while looking up into the device. Without looking at me, she explained, “I’m trying to see if my hair is lying flat at the part. For some reason, it feels off”. Looking back at her with curious, yet scrutinizing eyes I said, “Um, you know there are easier ways to go about that…” “Mom, I can’t tell if my hair is lying flat simply by touching the top of my head” She shot back. “No, but you could use one of the many mirrors we have in our house,” I replied. “I know, but then I would have to get up and go into the other room,” She said before turning her attention back to her problem at hand. “Third world problems.” I said more to myself than her and was greeted with a shrug and an audible *facepalm* in reply.




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