apple of my eye….


IMG_1808The other day, my hubby was in the mood for a walk in the woods. Seeing neither his daughter nor I were interested in said walk, he changed his mind and decided to use our stomachs as a way to get what he wanted. “I was thinking we could go out to an apple orchard” He began, “There’s a cool one up in Ypsilanti, or maybe we could drive over to the off Airport highway…?” I shrugged my shoulders, not really giving it much thought and went about getting dressed for the day.

By the time I made it downstairs, I found my doll excitedly getting dressed. “What’s got you so motivated on a Sunday morning?” I asked. “PIE” she smiled back at me. “Oh, I see…” I replied finding her father across the room. “You surreptitiously went above my authority and directly to the doll’s want for “pie”, to get her to agree with you?” “Yes!” was his only reply. “Mom we’re not passing up an opportunity to get pie. You’re either with us or against us”.

Oh, brother.

It’s not that I was against going to the apple orchard mind you, but rather, why go to an apple orchard if no one in my house will eat apples? The boy tells me every time I attempt to get him to try one, “Apples get stuck in my braces and are difficult to get out”. For the doll’s part she explained, “If the spacers are making things difficult to chew,  how will the braces next week make them feel?” “What about once you get used to the braces?” I asked. “Maybe, but as hard as it is for me to admit this, I’ll probably be more like the boy too” She replied noncommittally. 

Oh, brother is right.

Regardless, the hubby got his way and we drove across town to the orchard. We were greeted with a beautiful late summer day, not too warm, brilliant sunshine and the smells of fresh baked goods coming from their orchard merchantile store. After walking around the orchard for a little while (gathering 6000 steps in the process), the hubby and doll stood in a long baked goods line and bought a fresh baked caramel apple walnut pie. From thence we drove over to Grammy’s so she and the boy could partake in our yummy confection.

Funny, though, the boy had two pieces of pie and somehow not a single apple remnant became stuck inside his braces.



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