It sucks to be a girl…


She has had braces now for four full days and she’s ready for them to be removed. Her older brother, still esconsed in them, when asked how long the pain will last, replied, “Gor however long it lasts”. “Really? For once you couldn’t be considerate?” She shouted back to which he replied, “Everyone is different with different pain levels. How am I supposed to know yours?” “Grrr!!!” She replied.

“Mom I’m ready for me to be done with this experiment” She has told me several times every day since she got them. “I know” I always reply along with giving her a pat on the arm or head in consolation. Yesterday she told me “They don’t inherently hurt any longer, except when I bite down”. Seeing this as good I replied in kind. “I don’t understand why putting these wires on hurt so much”. She said. Giving her a funny look I replied “Doll, they are already beginning to work, aligning your teeth.” “What?” “Yes and for three days out of every month they will hurt”.

As what I said began to sync in she looked back at me horrified, first and then became mad when everything synced together. “You mean I’ll have mouth pain and period cramps once a month?” “Sometimes even at the same time…” I added. An appalling look crossed her face as she yelled, “That’s no fair! God it sucks to be a girl!!” Trying not to look amused I replied, “Perhaps, only being surpassed by being a boy.”

This morning as we passed one another she said to me “I hate braces!” Nodding I said “So noted”. While she mumbled to herself, “I’m so ready for this to be done.”


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