the llama fail…


Yesterday, the hubby and I, doll and her friend Nikki took a road trip to Ypsilanti, MI to walk around another apple orchard. “So the boy isn’t interested in coming with us?” I asked my hub and he replied, “Not at all”. “Okay”, I replied as we drove along. When we arrived we found the orchard was something of a tourist attraction and cost money to get in. “Did you know it was going to cost money to get in?” I asked husband as we stood there dumbfounded by the ticket prices. “Nope”. “Do you have a credit card?” I asked. “Yes…and we can chalk this up to not doing enough research,” He said as he approached the ticket booths.

A small animal feed and petting area greeted us as we entered the site. Hanging out at the edge of the fence was a rather large llama, greeting visitors and hoping we had food for him. The doll walked over and attempted to get a selfie with the llama before we moved on into the park. “Please send me that picture,” I said and she laughed saying, “Okay, I hope this isn’t par for the course today”.

IMG_1862In all honesty, we couldn’t have asked for a better early fall day. Clouds peppered the blue sky and warm temperatures surrounded us. Unlike the orchard the week before, this place was much larger featuring a corn maze, along with hay and fire engine rides, among many other attractions aimed at little kids. The girls took it all in stride and seemed happy to be outside running around and behaving like teenagers. “They had a banana purse!” Nikki exclaimed as we passed a vendor. “You don’t need it” the doll informed. “I know, but I want it!” Nikki cried out with laughter before moving on. The girls seemed to find a reason to laugh with every step we took, which brought smiles to our faces as well. “I never knew the doll to smile so much…” Her father remarked as I took note.

“Obligatory photo time”IMG_1850 I yelled as we approached the corn maze. “Mom, no. Just no.” The doll tried. “Both of you go over and stand in front of that troll” I replied. “Ugh, seriously mom?” “GO!”I urged. As I prepared to take their picture, a worker offered to take a group picture and reluctantly, we all became part of the obligatory photo. “Ha!” the doll said as her father, the last one to agree moved into the frame too.

After successfully completing all the attractions aimed at older kids, and a quick bite to eat, we made the decision to leave. On the whole, while the orchard wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, we still had fun. In addition, I got the majority of my daily 10,000 steps while enjoying the beautiful day spent with my family (YES!) Later, at home, the doll sent me IMG_1881her llama photo saying, “Mom, you can title this one Llama fail,” she said and then laughed. Opening the photo, I laughed too, knowing the llama fail wasn’t really a fail at all.


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