Yesterday was National coffee day, which did not escape my daughter’s notice, “Mom, how can I celebrate my favorite beverage if we don’t have any coffee in the house?” She asked me. Amused, I replied, “Considering we’ve never had coffee in the house, I would have thought you already knew the answer.” “But I just don’t get it, how can you not like coffee?” She asked me for possibly the millionth time.”It’s so good. You don’t know what you’re missing!!” She implored. “You don’t miss what you don’t know and frankly I don’t care to know coffee”. I replied.


When I was thirteen, my drink of choice was not coffee, but rather the soft drink Mountain Dew, which at the time had the largest concentration of caffeine (and sugar) you could find in a beverage. While my parents drank instant coffee for their morning caffeine, I relied on sugary drinks, which in my opinion offered a better overall taste value. By the time I reached college, I imagined late night study sessions would introduce me to coffee, but instead, the only change I made came from switching over to Pepsi, when I finally tired of Mountain Dew’s over the top sweetness. I eventually quit drinking caffeinated soft drinks back in the late 90’s, leading me to where I am today-preferring only water (with a slice of lemon) on most days. Though I concede, during the winter months, there are times when I will imbibe caffeine in the form of hot tea, (a comfort food), especially when I’m not feeling well. 


“Couldn’t you just buy some coffee for me to drink?” The doll asked and I ignored. “Seriously mom, it’s really good!” she tried again. “Who taught you how to drink that crap? Tell me so I can stop inviting them over…” I said and she laughed. “Mom, all my friends drink coffee. In fact, all my friends parents drink it too. You’re the anomaly here.” Shaking my head, I replied, “Well they all can’t be perfect like me”. The doll began to feign choking, coughed and then laughed saying “Hardly, otherwise you’d be drinking coffee”

Everyone is a critic.





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