changing tides…


Next year the boy  will be a Senior in high school and if that isn’t frightening enough, my doll will be a Freshman. How in the world did she go from learning to be toilet trained (to attend preschool) to here in such a short time?


As many of you are aware, my children attend parochial schools here in our fair city. We’ve worked hard, applied for scholarships, pushed and stretched our budgets to the max in order to afford giving them a better quality education (in our opinion), than one they would have received through our area’s public school system. For the past two days, the doll and the other eighth-grade students  from the various parochial schools from around the area, participated in “Discovery Days” at the Four area parochial high schools, as a way to get an idea about where they might want to attend school next year.

“Mom I wish we could go to another school tomorrow,”  the doll said  afterward. “Well, heck who wouldn’t?” I replied. “This was so much more fun than our regular school day,” She remarked only to have me say in reply, “Duh, really?”

On Wednesday the boys and girls were separated so they could each visit the two single sex schools. I chose not to go (I didn’t want to present a bias toward them) but did take Thursday off so I could  attend the two co-ed schools with them. “Mom I loved that place!” The doll gushed on the ride home. “I had a feeling you would…” I said, as she’s been telling me for three years she’s wanted to attend school there. “What interesting stuff did you see on your tour?” I asked since (at both schools) parents and prospective students were separated; the kids were given tours, the parents were given delicious cookies AND the hard sell on why this school was better than the rest. “We were given a tour of the various classrooms and did a science experiment-mine kind of failed, but the intensity level of all the students made me feel really welcomed. Mom,  I really really feel comfortable here”. She exclaimed. “What about the other one?” I asked. (In fairness, I liked the first one’s presentation more than the second one. “Nope. The place felt like middle school. I didn’t get a good vibe while I was there.”

So now we’re making plans for her to “shadow” a freshman at two high schools, one all girls and one coed, just so she will have no regrets about her choice. This morning she said “After giving it some thought, I’m leaning more toward the coed school mom, just to let you know.” “Okay” I replied nonplussed, simply because I know wherever she winds up, she’ll be happy. 


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