confident doll…


If you recall, a few weeks back, the doll, when faced with not having much playing time on her volleyball team asked me why she was even playing. “To help make the team better. In addition, there may come a time when someone is sick or injured and cannot play. Then you’ll be given a chance to shine”. I offered, hoping to bolster up her resolve to stay on the team. She shrugged her shoulders and then walked away not sure if she believed me. Later as we walked home following the matches she said, “Mom, forget what I said before” “I was having a “pity-me” party. But after talking with my friends, they convinced me you were right”.”Care to repeat that doll?” I said and was slapped across my arm instead. Since then the subject has never come back up, until this past Saturday, that is.

When we arrived for the first of two matches, we found that one teammate was absent and another injured, forcing the doll to play the majority of both matches. Now my kid is not the most talented of players out there, but seeing her hit the ball effectively and score some points with her serves has done wonders for her confidence. “Mom I hurt my wrist on that one miss-hit.” She said after I noticed her constant wrist shaking. “Well you can’t be taken out–just see if you can ignore it” I said inbetween matches–which she did.

In the end, the girls lost the first match in a 3-game nail biter, but won the second match 2-0, in the same fashion; the doll scoring several points off her serve in both matches. As we drove home I said to her “Now do you understand why you’re a member of this team?” I asked. “I thought I hit the ball fairly well,” She replied. “That, and if you weren’t here, your team would have had to forfeit both games. Instead you went 1-1 and that first match was close. In a sense, you won that second game on your own…” I said. “Seriously mom?” She replied with an eye roll and a guffaw. “Well, you know what I mean…” I replied. “I’m just happy I didn’t look really bad out there”. “Nope you looked like a teammate, a valuable one at that.” I said before she changed the subject.




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