the ride along…


If you were to ride along with me to run errands, you would see I travel down pretty much the same old streets day in/day out, unless of course I’m detoured by orange barrels. The other day, Mrs. K, my sweet and lovable 93-year old companion (twice a week), accompanied me on a quest to find the doll a plain black pullover sweatshirt–which was much harder than I imagined, but I digress. As we traveled down the city streets, Mrs. K. began making comments about the local businesses along the roadway, trying to entice patronage into their stores.

“What kind of name is Permanently Scarred?” She remarked with a giggle. “Oh, that’s a tattoo and piercing parlor…” I explained. “Well, I understand that, but you would think they would rather sell the tattoo as art rather than a scar?” She eloquently replied. “Perhaps they were simply going for a catchy name,” I said in reply. “Yes, the kind you catch and throw in the trash can before anyone can see”. She quickly responded which caused us both to break out in laughter.

A little further down the road, while waiting at a stop light, she saw a carwash off to the right and made note of signage on the building facing the street that read, “Clean Car Exit”. “I wonder if on the other side of the building it says “Dirty Car Entrance?” She remarked, causing us both to laugh. “Do you want me to maneuver over and see?” I asked, but she declined.

A little while later I received a phone call, which thanks to Bluetooth technology plays through my car radio speakers; from my sister asking me about my impending split with Mary Alice. “Well she’s become more difficult for you, hasn’t she?” My sister asked. “No, no, Mary Alice is easy…” I replied and then Mrs. K. interjected herself into the call, “Unlike this old lady sitting next to her right now”. “What?” My sister replied unaware Mrs. K was listening in on our conversation. Laughing out loud I faux slapped Mrs. K’s knee before quickly ending the phone call. “You’re bad…” I said after getting my laughter under control. “Perhaps”. She replied which brought us more laughter to accompany our travels.


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