junk food junkies…


Two weeks ago, the boy took what’s known as a “Hungry Man’s” blood test to determine if he’s having any difficulty processing insulin. Essentially the test consists of three parts. First, he had blood drawn early on a Saturday morning, then his father took him out to (number two) breakfast. Afterward (number three), they returned to the lab for another blood draw to compare. Last week we were given the results over the phone, but due to work and school schedules, the earliest time all of us can talk to his primary physician to set up an action plan, will be (this) Friday following school.

In the meantime, ahead of meeting his doctor, we have undertaken steps to improve all our health, for example purchasing whole grain bread, 1% milk, eating more vegetables and exercising. We (meaning the boy and I) also took a look online to see what else needed to be done. Having read plenty of material I came to a pretty easy conclusion, one easy fix would be to eliminate soda/pop from his diet.

Mom: Here’s an easy fix since we don’t have this at home, you need to cut out soda/pop at school and on the weekends with your Grandmother.

Boy: No I don’t. I can limit the amount I drink during the week down to two. I’ll have two per week. 

Mom: Nooo, you need to remove sugar completely.

Boy: The information online said to start out slowly. I don’t want to shock my system by going cold turkey.

Mom: Dude, you lose weight in the kitchen…by what you intake. Stop intaking sugar!

Boy: I will…two per week.

Mom: Grrrr!


In an effort to take a different track, I offered to share one of my daily morning protein shakes with him. Giving him a half a glass I said. “Drink this…” Taking a skeptic look at the green colored concoction, he immediately replied, “Mom, this looks disgusting,” and then began to sniff around the top of the glass. “Looks can be deceiving bay. Just try it” I replied. Lifting the glass to his mouth he took a sip and grimaced (much to my amusement) before swallowing. “I’m amending my earlier statement…” He began, “Not only does this look disgusting, it tastes that way too”. After taking a sip from my own shake, I replied,  “No it doesn’t.” “That’s because you like the stuff.” He insisted. “Bay, the first time I made a shake I wasn’t very enthusiastic either. But now I love the stuff, it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins…” I encouraged. “This is inedible!” The boy cried after taking another sip. “If it were, I wouldn’t be able to drink this”, I rebutted and then took another sip from my shake. “Mom, I said it was inedible, not potable”.

“Just finish your shake bay…” I said while trying not to laugh and happily watched him choke down the rest of his shake.


It’s worth noting here, the boy is finally beginning to grow up. Not too few years ago, anytime I asked him to eat or drink anything against his will, his gag reflex would engage. This time, I’m happy to report, though he complained mightily about the injustice of having to drink the shake, no gag reflex was engaged. #smallvictories


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