rock the boat…


This morning…

“Mom were the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?” The boy asked when I entered the kitchen to grab a bottle of water for my morning workout. “Clean”. I replied, quickly walking past. “Well, then why did he ask me to load the dirty dishes from the sink?” He wondered. Stopping I turned and offered,  “Bay, last night he asked you to unload the dishwasher, but you didn’t. I’m sure he asked you to UNload and then load the dirty ones. But because you had your earbuds in, all you heard was “load”. Looking at me he said, “You do realize you bought me noise canceling headphones right?” Trying to place the blame for his misunderstanding on my shoulders. “Funny how the cheapest set of earbuds I could find, have the most expensive feature. But I have an answer for this, from now on, remove your earbuds when you’re in our company.When you’re in your bedroom, wear them to your heart’s content. But out here, around us, remove them or risk losing them for good.”I replied. “Mom I can hear you ju…” “Bay, it’s also rude. You’re being rude to us by constantly tuning us out with whatever you’re listening to. As a common courtesy, remove the earbuds and learn to tune us out the old fashioned way,” I said before exiting the room.

On the ride to school…

Lately, I’ve found myself jumping back and forth between the 80’s, 70’s and 60’s music stations on my car’s satellite radio. What’s more, I am always amazed when a golden oldie plays, triggering a memory, so thick, my senses are flooded with bittersweet feelings and emotions; not to mention still knowing all the song lyrics by heart. This morning when The Hues Corporation began to sing “Our love is like a ship on the ocean, We’ve been sailing with a cargo full of love and devotion…” I immediately found myself sitting in a rowboat on the Maumee river with three other teenage girls and a camp counselor circa 1973. We were being scolded by the counselor who didn’t appreciate our boat rocking while singing and subsequently giggling to the lyrics “Rock the boat, Don’t rock the boat baby, Rock the boat, Don’t tip the boat over…

“Wow, the Hues Corporation…” I said (almost incredulously) to myself, when I glanced at the radio console, proud  I remembered the name of the band. The boy, oblivious to my walk down memory lane, his own earbuds blocking out the car’s radio, glanced over and asked, “Uh, did you say something mom?” Smiling back at him I said, “Yes, about 4o years ago…” “What?” He replied. “Remove your earbuds Bay if you’re talking to me, otherwise forget it,” I said. Shrugging his shoulders, he went back to ignoring me (earbuds still entrenched in his ears) while I turned my attention back to the song at hand and relished in the beauty of that youthful memory.





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