out of the mouth of doll…


“Stop hurting my baby!!” I mock shouted at the doll. Giving me a pained look in reply, she said, “Mom that response is really tiresome.” “Well if you would stop bumping into things and hurting yourself, I’d have no reason to keep reminding you” I replied and smiled. Nonplussed, she walked passed me, out of the room, while rubbing the spot on her arm she had just bumped.

Later that night she asked me for an extended hug and I willingly accepted. “You know mom these hugs are weird,” She remarked. “Yeah? How so?” I asked, still enveloping her in my arms, “Lifting her head she replied, “Well, it’s just that my arms fit differently around you, I mean in a good way”. Smiling I replied, “Good, take all the time you need to get adjusted to this new me.” I said in hopes of extending the hug a little longer. “I mean it, mom, my arms don’t have to fit around you as far as before–not that you were fat, just…” She rambled until I laughed and replied, “Doll, I lost almost 40 pounds. I think it’s safe to say I was fat”. “I wouldn’t say that just different,” she said and then added,  “Before you began working out you were very contrary about yourself. I’m happy that that negative person seems to be gone. Please, don’t bring her back.” She said as I drew her closer and squeezed. “From your lips to God’s ears…and with my hopeful ability to keep the weight off, I won’t”. I said, and then squeezed her a little more before releasing her. “Even if you gain all the weight back mom, keep the negative body shaming person away. I’ll stop hurting your baby if you stop hurting my mom”.

Looking at her I smiled knowingly at the amazing young woman we were raising and then said, “Deal” as she gave me an additional albeit, quick hug, before heading off to bed.


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