This is a scary time of year for many parents of eighth-grade students, Halloween notwithstanding. Why so scary? Because the areas private High Schools are vying for the next calendar school year’s enrollment and thus have been inundating us with mountains of mailers, invitations to events, clubs to join, musicals to see and cookies to eat. In addition, each school, in an effort to put their best foot forward have invited students to spend a day with them, via visitations called  “shadowing”; to help the student (to be) make the best-informed decision possible. The doll is allowed four excused absence days to shadow and over the past two weeks did so at her top two choices: An all girls school and my alma mater.

After shadowing at the girl’s only high school, this was our conversation:

” How did you like the school?” I asked. “I liked the laid back atmosphere and the block scheduling gives you more time to get your homework completed. But I think my number one reason for liking them was the cookies they gave me at lunch. They were sooo good Mom.”  “Surely cookies won’t be your deciding factor here…?” I returned. “You obviously have never tasted their cookies.” Trying to see whether or not she was pulling my leg I asked  “Seriously?” “You never know mom, I am weighing all the options..”

Oh, brother!

After shadowing at my alma mater, this was our conversation:

“Hey, how’d the day go?” Walking up she said in no uncertain terms, “I’m going to this school in the fall!” “But what about the cookies at the other school?” I replied while secretly jumping for joy in my head. “I’m just going to have to suffer without them…” She said and then went on to tell me why this school enthralled her so much. “Besides the obvious pep rally, I liked the teachers and the students were all nice. Plus, I was called down to the admissions office and had a one on one conversation with the admissions officer who took a genuine interest in talking with me about my choices for high school and where I saw myself next year.” “Perhaps the reason your didn’t get that chance at the other school is because I showed up too early to get you?” I put out there. Nodding her head she replied, “Maybe.”

So as it stands today, the boy and doll will be attending the same high school next year, which makes me happy on many levels. However, over the next two weeks we’re still going to attend both school’s open houses just to be sure. My biggest worry being, we’ll all fall in love with the delicious tasting, decision swaying cookies offered at the girls-only high school.


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