grade card mysteries…



The end of each quarter of school used to be very worrisome for me as a kid. My parents via my report card were given an inside view to whether I was living up to my potential, or if, more than likely, I was slacking. However, on occasion, I surprised not only my parents but myself as well by what that card reported.

Today there are no more surprises when it comes to my kids grades. The doll’s school emails me her grades every day, including her homework assignments. I’m sure there is a way I can turn this feature off but have found I kind of like knowing what’s she learning and how she’s doing. As for the boy, all I need to do is click on the school’s grading website, enter in his student code and password and there they are, in all their glory or failure. “I don’t think you should have access to that,” Mrs. K said to me one day. “That’s an invasion of the boy’s privacy”. She explained. Smiling back at her I replied, “Yeah, but since I’m paying for his schooling…” Nodding she replied, “Well there is that, however, I still don’t think it’s right”. She makes a good point, though. Being in “trouble” for grades only at the end of a quarter sounds better than being in trouble all quarter long. Thus when the report cards do eventually come home, they have meaning and substance behind them.

This year when the doll handed me her card on Monday, I only took a moment to read the teachers comments, ignoring the grades, because I already knew them. The only new information was a separate honors card designating she achieved first honors. As for the boy’s card, despite his loathing of French, he achieved third honors.


Taking a peek at the online grade site, when the boy entered the car yesterday after school, I asked, “Bay what’s with this British Lit grade?” He paused for a moment before replying, “Well, I forgot to do the assignment and apologized profusely until the teacher told me to stop…” He replied.

I guess I can’t resist being a helicopter parent after all…



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