life lessons, Mary Alice edition…


5) Always have a song in your heart:

“Yipee yay, there’ll be no wedding bells for today…” I’d sing, and she’d giggle. “Cuz I’ve got spurs that jingle jangle jingle…” together we would clap our hands and sing along to the song.

4) Always have a spring in your step:

Getting dressed each morning can be a mundane chore. However, getting dressed can be made fun, so long as you have a good song to sing with a beat to dance to. “Well we ain’t got a barrel of money, maybe we’re ragged and funny, but we’re traveling along, singing our song, side by side” (Kay Starr). No matter how slow the road may go, dancing in the morning is good for your soul.

3) Always accept things as they are:

“I’ve learned over the years, even when I wanted things to be different, I had to trust in God and just let go. Everything will work out if you’re willing to place things in God’s hands, and just let go.”-Mary Alice Schuller.

2) Always have a sunny disposition:

There was never ever a day when I arrived at Mary Alice’s home that she was not happy to see me. Even though she never remembered my name, she was always happy I was there. How often can we same the same?

1) Always, without exception, love:

Yesterday at lunch in my own special way, I tried to convey to Mary Alice what she’s given to me these past four years. It went something like this…

“I want you to know how grateful and blessed I feel having had you in my life these last four years. Not a day went by when we didn’t laugh, sing songs horribly together, and or just enjoy one another’s company. In addition, you helped build my confidence in areas I was unsure of and made me a better person overall”. “Really? I didn’t know that” She replied. “Yep, 100%” “You’re kidding me…” “Would I kid a kidder?” I aked and then she laughed adding, “Probably”. “Plus you put up with my lousy singing.” I added. Giggling she said, “Mine too”. “Your daughter Julie and I went to school together…” I began. “Really?” “Oh yes, and she has a beautiful voice”. “She does?” She replied. “Yep–guess she got that from her father…” I added and smiled. “Oooh” she said and then giggled, you’re probably right.”

When the time came for me to leave, I realized her daughter was late arriving home. Ten minutes passed and then my phone rang, “I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic,” she explained. “Whatever, we’ll be here…” I replied, relishing the extended time I had with her mom. Twenty minutes later, after wishing Mary Alice a happy weekend I said, “Until we meet again…” and then bent down to accept the hug and air kiss she gave to me. Walking out of the room, to gather my belongings, Karen, her daughter extended a thank you hug, which I accepted before walking out their door one last time–taking gratitude, love and Mary Alice’s wonderful life lessons with me.






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  1. What a sweet post. So glad you had the opportunity to know and love Mary Alice. Thanks for sharing her with us, too 🙂 Hugs for you today!!

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