the critic…


Last month while riding home from school, the boy and I began listening to an interesting program on NPR’s Science Friday. The program featured NASA astronaut Don Pettit and NASA engineer Boback Ferdowsi, discussing whether the newly released movie The Martian, based off the book of the same name by Andy Weir, actually followed science or was more rooted in science fiction. Following that program, the boy declared he wanted to see the movie and thanks to his Grandmother, that weekend he did.


When I picked him up from school this past Friday, as he entered the car he declared, “This has been a great day!” “Yeah, how so?” I wondered. “Well, everything went really well in most of my classes and…” “Even French?” I interrupted. “No. In fact, I did not do so well on a test in that class”. He explained. “Perhaps we need to find a learning French program at the library that could be supplemental for you”. I offered. “Hmm maybe. But besides that glitch, the school published my review in the paper”. “WHAT? THEY DID?” I replied almost giddy. “Yes, my first published work,” He added with a smile. “You do have a copy with you right?” I asked. “Of course…” He said, promising to let me read the review when we arrive home.

While I have yet to see the film, I have read the book. The boy, on the other hand, began reading the book shortly after seeing the film, but as of today, has yet to finish. With encouragement from his Creative Writing class, he turned his review of The Martian into the school newspaper and crossed his fingers. Considering he never allows his father and me, to read any of his papers, reading his review was a huge treat. “I feel smarter after having read your review,” I said as we both smiled at his accomplishment.

Whether you’ve read the book or seen the movie, please enjoy his review.





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