The doll’s loud rock concert is but one mere day away. However, before we could even entertain the idea of attending, the doll (and her friends) came up with items they absolutely needed in order to make this concert the most memorable event of their lives. Which in turn, made this event even the more dreaded for her mother.

“Mom, Nikki, Stephanie and I have decided we’re going to color our hair blue and get matching black sweatshirts for the concert she explained. Not really paying attention, I replied, “That’s nice”. “Seriously, You don’t mind?” She asked me surprised. “Don’t mind what? Wait, what are you asking me?” I quickly recovered. “Mom the girls and I want to color our hair blue and get matching black sweatshirts…” She explained again. “Hmm…I’m not sure I like the blue hair aspect,” I replied. “Mom… I’m a teenager, let me act like one okay?” “Can’t you just act like a teenager with beautiful red hair instead?” I wondered aloud knowing she would roll her eyes at me–which she did. “Doll, give me time to get used to the idea. Then, we’ll see, okay?” Not wanting to rock the boat any further, she nodded and exited the room.

“Mom, I need a black sweatshirt! Mom, I need a black sweatshirt! Mom, I need a black sweatshirt! Mom, I need a black sweatshirt! Mom, I need a black sweatshirt! Mom, I need a black sweatshirt!” Is about all I heard for the next few months. “Doll, can we get through summer, please?” I said until that morphed into “You don’t need one until November for goodness sake…” Last month, after months of nagging, Mrs. K and I ventured out to a local Walmart and wandered aimlessly looking for a black girls pullover sweatshirt. Of course, as (my) luck would have things, I picked the same time Walmart chose to remodel and for the life of us, couldn’t find them. Not wanting to be (air) “in trouble” (quotes) for not finding the darn thing, I came home with a boy’s pullover–which of course, did not fit.

“Woe is me to have to go back and exchange the darn thing.”

Thankfully the doll accompanied me to the store and together, we found the right one. Then her girlfriends imparted why the shirt was so important… they were going to create their own concert T-shirt, of sorts to wear to the show. The other night, she put everything together and ironed the transfers onto the shirt. Watching with interest I said to her, “You know doll, Mrs. M and I were talking at the volleyball game the other day, how it’s not really fair that you girls have your own concert shirts, so we’ve decided we’re going to get a pair of matching shirts to go along with you”. Distracted she replied, “Oh yeah, really? What kind?” “Florals. We’re going to buy matching floral shirts”.

Lifting her head and narrowing her eyes toward me, she replied, “You are not allowed inside the auditorium “. “Oh yes, we are. We’re all going in together, holding hands, all five of us. Otherwise, you three will be sitting outside with us”. Lowering her head into her hands she replied. “No mom, just no!” “Well, we’ll see won’t we…” I replied with a smile.

Today I picked up some blue hairspray-which thankfully washes out afterward. Now there’s only one more thing I need to mark off the checklist–two good sets of ear plugs for Mrs. M and me.



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