cold cuts… 


This morning I found myself inside a church  on the other side of town, I had never been to. Seated to my left was Mrs. K., whose friend’s funeral mass we were there to attend. Yesterday, after reading the woman’s obituary in the newspaper, Mrs. K continuously asked me if I would be able to escort her the service. At one point,  I even hid the newspaper to try and stop her from obsessing about the funeral. But remarkably she’d pull the paper out and ask me again, “Could you take me to this funeral?” Taking a deep breath, I replied, “Yes!” again. “I think I’m losing my mind,” she confided after about the 488th time she asked; following  a hint of exasperation heard in my reply. “Darlin’ you’re not losing your mind per se, you’re just fixed on the intent to go. Let me assure you, I will pick you up tomorrow and take ou there, okay?” Giggling she thanked me for my patience with her and then waited another five minutes before asking me again.

“Have you ever been inside this church?” I asked, already knowing  what her answer would be. “No”. “Me either. My mom always said if you enter a church you’ve never been to before, make a wish on top of your prayer…so make a wish…” I explained and then did so myself.  “If I ran into anyone of these people on the street, I wouldn’t recognize a one of them,” She said aloud to herself. I couldn’t help but laugh because the moment we entered the church she’s been inundated by people coming over to give her hugs, thanking her for coming and to ask how she’s doing. “Well from the looks of things, you don’t need to remember anyone–they all remember you.” I began and then paused for a moment before continuing, “Obviously you’ve made a wonderful impression on all of them at some point in their lives–and their mother’s. Gives you a hint all the people out in the world who hold you in such high esteem.” “Oh Marsha, your flattery will get you everywhere!” she laughed and I smiled.

Just over an hour later, after dropping her off at her home, she thanked me again for hanging out with her that day. “Have a nice lunch…” I said turning to leave. “You must find me terribly muddled. I see no reason to think about much of anything anymore,” She explained. “Considering all the dumb things out there to think about…” I began and smiled. “Exactly!” she said in return before waving me off for the day.



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