So last week every blog had a title that correlated to a food item(s) and I challenged a few people out there to figure out why. Some not wanting to think too much came right out and asked me while others, well I guess they figured I’d answer the question for them eventually kept silent. And I the very best case, my sister Ann Marie asked me if I had too much time on my hand creating puzzles for my readers.  So if you are interested in knowing why…let me know via a “like”on FB or a”ask me” on Twitter or “comment”on WP. Otherwise, like I used to say when younger, “Moving right along…”


The boy’s high school football team Friday, won in dramatic fashion (double overtime) no less, the regional championship over a team they had lost to at the start of 2015 season. Saturday morning while I was working out, the boy entered the living room and I announced they had won. “I knew they would!!” He shouted happily. “What?” I asked, not because of his “psychic” ability but rather because I was a bit surprised by his apparent happiness about a game he routinely tells me he hates. “I knew the other team would lose because I had cast them in the mold of evil empire. My school were the good guys, so of course good wins over evil!”

“Um, I don’t know about that…” I said trying to wrap my head around what he said. “Well at least in my world, good wins over evil”. He elaborated.  Sitting on the couch pretending to be invisible, the doll looked at her brother and asked, “Geeze Boy, ever live in the real world?” “Doll!” I scolded, but the boy quickly replied “Why should I when mine is more interesting?” “Says you…” she quickly replied. “And I should know!”

Alright alright!!” I said trying to break up their arguing. “I just wanted to tell you the good news about the game not listen to the two of you argue…” Just then, they both looked at me like I had three heads and said “We’re not arguing…”

In defense of the dark arts (otherwise known as CLAP-Children’s Logic Against their Parents) I went back to working out and ignored them both.


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