what was that?


Hi there! I can’t remember the last time I took a voluntary day off from the blog, except for a stray holiday here and there. My new work schedule has thrown me out of my writing groove, not to mention having exceptionally average children acting, well, average. But never fear, I’ll get this back on track, beginning today, December 1. A new month and a new outlook on finding time to write.

Though I have to admit, I’m cheating today. Not because my writing schedule is still out of whack, but rather because I’m incredibly proud of my boy and his own discovery for writing. Over the years, he’s had many grandiose ideas for books he’s wanted to write (a crime fighting man, born without a vertebra for example). But while his imagination was full of big monsterous story possibilities, character development overwhelmed him, thus sending the storyline right out the window. But today, thanks to his creative writing course,  his confidence and writing ability have grown immensely. And as he’s grown so has his willingness to share with us…

and in turn you.

See if you can figure out my favorite one, and please excuse the “Open House” feel of this all. 

The Hard Truth  By my Bay

I share with.                                           you

A little hard                                        Truth.

Life is quite                                 difficult

So deal with.                                            it.

Mad Laugh

Laughing at a thought.              Walking down the Street.                  No one is talking to me               People are staring.                                   I don’t care I don’t care.

I have fun.                                           You can see it,                                         Right? Everything.                                   Is great here.                                                I have faith in people.          

Comforted.                                                         I am content                                           to laugh.

The Bookkeeper

I am waiting for a wave to break.    And I am waiting.                                 For a man to die.                                 And I am waiting for him                    To realize that he’s dead                And keep going anyway                     And I am waiting.                                 To see how he reacts                           To his stuation                                       And I am waiting                                For the septillionth time.                   For him to try and make a deal    And I’ll tell him it doesn’t work that way                                                          And he’ll ball his eyes out       Because that’s how he made a living And he was in the cloest as to how bad he was                                          And I am waiting                                For his empty                                 Going away party                                             No one showed up                                        And I am waiting                                        For him to be signed                                For the paperwork is qute tedeious, when waiting                                               For a man to die.


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