take me to church…


All day long I’ve had the Hozier song, Take Me to Church, stuck in my head which I believe has been preventing me from writing a cohesive sentence. Three different blog attempts until now and still, I got nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, Take Me to Church is not a bad song at all. Although I must say, having seen Brandi Carlile interpret and perform the song live last summer, I tend to like her version much better. But I digress. The thing is, I can’t even remember the last time I even heard the dumb song and evidently playing the song over on YouTube to help eradicate the earworm from my brain, has only entrenched it further. Which only goes to show, my children have been exceptionally boring this week–save for the doll’s insistence that I learn to pronounciate more clearly. Well, poo on her!

I remember a time when she rolled her “R’s” and “L’s” and all I did was imitate, not correct her. You would think she would have more compassion….






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