Chirp chirp chirp…


The other day I wrote a blog concerning the boy blaming me for missing time with his friends the other day. Today I’m giving you the old Paul Harvey addition, “the rest of the story”. 

If you were wondering, when he arrived home from the day spent with his dad, he approached me in a conciliatory fashion, reaching around me from behind to give me a hug. The he explained how very disappointed he was in himself for not having the others phone numbers or the correct time needed to meet up with his friends. “I feel like I let the others down..” He conveyed. “Is that why you took this out on me?” I asked. “Yes, sorry. Easier to blame you than me sometimes”. “Bay, I have broad shoulders and can handle the blame sometimes. But your almost seventeen years old. You’re old enough to take responsibility for yourself. In addition, if you had your driver’s licence, this all would have been moot”. He grunted in reply which essentially told me he’d stopped listening after I said “Bay…”

Yesterday, following Anime club, he confided to me after I asked if he had apologized to his friends over the mixup last weekend, that he wasn’t the only one who forgot about the event. Evidently the others got their days mixed up as well. 

If you ever wondered where the old adage “Birds of a feather flock together” comes from, you should take a look at the boy and his friends.


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