Next week are semester exams for the boy and although he’s told me he’s been studying, every time I open his bedroom door to check on him, he’s watching something on his device. The other night he corrected me when I complained about his spending too much time watching videos, “Mom I’m listening to a podcast”.  “Oh and that makes it different, how?”  I asked. “Listening versus watching, mom”. He explained. “Bay, how about cracking open a book instead…” I offered. Not looking at me he turned and walked away. 

The doll like her brother has mid-term exams and like her brother, I have yet to see one book opened to suggest she’s studying. Everyday I walk in the door and find her watching something on Netflix and I wonder, how is she ever passing her classes? 

This morning as I readied to drive the boy to school she approached me and asked if I would check her “Preamble”. “Mom I need to have the  Preamble of the US constitution memorized today and I think I have it down. I watched the School House rock video several times and have been reciting it over and over. I just want to make sure I write it down properly,” she explained as she sat down and began writing out the Preamble. I in turn pulled out my phone and immediately looked up the Preamble and found she had only missed one word “the”. “I think you got it doll…” I said as we walked out the door this morning. “I hope so,” she replied.

So what do I know?  The kids do study especially when I’m not looking. 


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