A nice guy…


“I’m just a nice guy…” Bay said to the room, which brought about laughs from the rest of us. “What? At school, I’m known as a generally nice guy.” He defended. “At school…” his sister noted and in response he said “Present company and my French teacher excluded”. Which brought more laughter from his family.

But as his mother, I have to concur–with the rest of the world/classmates, he is a nice guy. “Mom I like to be an observer/watcher of the human condition,” he told me this morning. “That’s what makes you a nice guy?” I replied. “Yes…I don’t fall for all that drama and I have a good shoulder for others to lean on”.

Well, there you have it, straight from the horses mouth.  Perhaps someday,  in the near future, your youger sister will see that “nice guy” role in you too!!

Crossing Fingers.


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