a random moment…


Last Friday morning before school, I was minding my own business working out in the living room while the kids milled about preparing for their last day of school before Christmas break. Since I was concentrating on the motivational exercise video and doing the corresponding moves, when my doll began a conversation with me from her bedroom, all I heard was “Mom…” followed by a string of muffled words. Thinking she sounded very much like Charlie Brown’s mother I replied, “Doll, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…” and continued onto my next stretching move. Entering the room she clarified, “I said, Did you know it’s really hard to speak with a Scottish accent?”In comparison to what?” I asked, which made her pause to think. “Well English is fairly easy, all you just have to do is pronounce every single syllable,” She said and then proceeded to say “Bloo-dee well right!” Similarily, I smiled and said, “Ah, the Bay-tles (Beatles). Nodding she added, “But the Scottish Brogue is much harder”.

“What about the American accent…you know we do live in Merica!” I joked. “Yes, Merica! Merica!” She replied with a laugh. “Funny isn’t it all the different accents American’s have. Some even say I have an accent”. She marveled. “Well doll, I’ve been told I have a midwestern accent, but we both know, we speak as clearly as the TV announcers. Everyone else has the accents”. She smiled in aggreement before exiting the room, our conversation suddenly at an end.





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