Spider webs….


This morning, while busily running around like a chicken without a head; moving inbetween point A and B inside my home, I brushed up against something that instantly reminded me of a spider web. A sticky, feathery light draping, full of dread (if you’re my doll or husband).  Instinctively I brushed my hand down my arm, in hopes of removing the web and then wiped that hand on my pant leg hoping to clear the web from my hand, all the while continuing on without interruption.

But a brief thought popped into my head during that exercise,  “How many different “webs”, inside my life have I brushed off without thinking?” Not having time to think, I stowed the thought into my memory for later examination and then finished rushing around to get to an appointment on time.

On my drive, the car radio played music in the background while my mind was occupied with last minute Christmas shopping and other errands needing to be run. Then the song Spiderwebs by No Doubt, began to play and my mind jumped back to the question that had popped into my head earlier, “How many different webs in my own life have I brushed off without thinking?”

“God, are you trying to get my attention or something?” I asked as I drove along and giggled at the non response. “What a tricky question with hard answers posed to me this busy morning,” I thought to myself. As the next song on the radio filled my car I decided, “Let me get back to you…”


The other night the doll confided she had begun to see a shift happening within her class. Kids who had ordinarily had hung out in one group were now gravitating toward her group and a general feel of separation among them all had begun. “I thought this would happen more over the summer as we prepared to go to different schools,” she said. “Doll, that light at the end of your Grammar school tunnel is coming into sight. As such, some are hanging on, some are ready to move on and some are beginning to separate now so when the actual time comes, it won’t “feel” as difficult.” I said. “I know, I just thought this time would be different”. 

“Shedding the webs that have held you together these last nine years is a necessary end to your eventual growth. However, no one said it would be or should be easy–hence the term growing pains” I explained. “I guess you’re right…” She said.


Back to my “spiderwebs”…too many to remember, but thankful for the time they held me and then when they let me be released.


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