catch up!


When last seen, the boy was exiting my car Friday morning, prepared to complete his final two examinations of the semester and welcome Christmas break. Since then, he’s been with his Grandmother, helping to ready her condo for the onslaught of Christmas revelers. or namely, us. In the meantime, the doll has loved being an “only child” , having the house to herself, not having to raise her voice telling her brother to get lost. In addition she hosted the first of two Christmas exchange sleepovers with her friends and attended a dance workshop at her future high school.

Rumor has it he’s coming home on Wednesday with a fresh hair cut. I’m a little worried I won’t even recognize me own boy.

Since the weekend, my house has been rather quiet.  Monday evening the doll stretched out her arms and declared she was bored. “Well if you had done something today…” I began. “What? I had an orthodontist appointment and we went to the library,” She insisted. “Uh, in between your laying on the couch all day. It’s a wonder you can still walk at all…” I snarked back in reply. “Why not call friends and see if they want to wander around the mall or do something? Surely you’re not all spending your days in front of the tube watching Netflix.” I tried. Nodding her head in faux agreement she said, “Maybe tomorrow I’ll bake something…”. “Among doing other things, I hope? I added and was largely ignored.

Yesterday in between lying around all day being bored, she baked chocolate chip muffins from scratch with Martha Stuart icing (cream cheese, confection sugar and butter) which are deliciously rich and extremely fattening. “How do they look and be honest!” She implored. “Like ten pounds…” I said before taking a taste. “They’re good tasting, but not good for me…” I added. “Mom, it’s the holidays. Everyone gets fat around this time of the year. That’s what makes resolutions so fun…” She tried. “Doll, you stick to baking and eating, I’ll stick to being mad at you for making foods to tempt me away from my clean eating program…” I said and we both laughed.

I wonder what she’ll concoct to expand my waistline today? Hopefully a plan that doesn’t involve sugar, chocolate, cream cheese and chocolate morsels…



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