so this is what…?


Well, the weather outside isn’t very frightful and Frosty the snowman is stuck somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Nevertheless, Christmas time is here. Talking with a friend of mine from Australia this morning, she exclaimed how wonderful Christmas is while wearing beach attire. I suppose if I were on holiday I might tend to agree, but having grown up in the Midwest, cold temperatures and snow are kind of what helps make Christmas, Christmas—at least in a cozy romantic kind of way.

But Christmastime has arrived regardless of the weather and nothing will stop us from celebrating the love brought into this world to save us. Not war, not death, not even a sixteen year old boy telling his mother he no longer believes in God. Why? Because taking the time to celebrate true all-encompassing love for one another makes this life worthwhile.

At least for me….

So whether you’re gathering with family to celebrate the day or find yourself alone this Christmas holiday, remember you are loved. You are and always will be loved.

Case in point: My friend Judy’s family, in Oklahoma, who are celebrating Christmas with a boy whose family abandoned. As I write this blog, Judy’s daughter is picking him up from a boy’s home where a lonely Christmas weekend awaited and instead are welcoming him into their home, to share in the joy, warmth and fun of their day. Not to mention, the love that he may have felt was missing…but clearly isn’t.

This is just one point in the hundreds of thousands of millions of points you may find this weekend. Trust God is with us, for us, in us. God, Emmanuel.

Merry Christmas!

Marsha, hub, the boy, the doll and the pain in the butt dog…


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