puzzling content…


Life is one big puzzle, isn’t it? I mean, teenagers, one minute they love you like no tomorrow, the next, they seethe in your presence. Oh wait, maybe that’s parents to teenagers… Well, in either case, I think our lives, how they intertwine, how we react or overreact to one another and life in general, is one big massive puzzle. Which jigsaw piece fits into the next or why that round peg, with work, will fit into that square hole?

Why do we even make an effort to unravel the mystery, work the puzzle, figure things out?

My doll puzzles me that she likes coffee, because, we’ve never had coffee here to offer her. I mean, how did she discover a taste/love for coffee? At the same time,  she’s puzzled by the fact that I love black licorice and orange pekoe black tea. “Mom, I don’t understand how you can eat that, it’s gross!” or “Mom tea it’s so bitter…” I’ve heard her say. Nevermind I could say the same to her about coffee. She doesn’t get it or rather, refuses to understand. For me, both those food items remind me of when I was younger; either searching for an Easter basket filled with black jellybeans or sitting at the kitchen table, sharing a conversation with my mother, over a cup of tea.

Perhaps someday she’ll put the pieces to that puzzle together  while her own daughter scolds her for drinking coffee…

Another puzzle that hurts my brain is the boy and his brilliant encyclopedic-like brain, which, with the absence of common sense really isn’t as brilliant as he’d like you to believe. Case in point he likes to spout “facts” that pop into his head when triggered by something he finds interest in. The doll and I one day were discussing our menstrual cycles propensity for happening at the same time. Overhearing a quip, he entered the kitchen and announced, “Mom, it’s been scientifically proven that two girls living in the same household may have periods that occur at the same time”. The doll and I simply looked at him with amusement, before I said, “Bay, someday you will be working with several women, who, because of their schedules and proximity to one another, will have cycles that sync up and when they do, God help you if you open your mouth and inform them about something they’ve known most of their lives–because they are women!” Which caused the doll to laugh and the boy to then apologize. “I just like to convey interesting facts…” He tried and began to back out of the kitchen. “Bay, I’m 51 years old. I learned this neat “fact” when I was seven-years-old and shared a house with three older sisters.”





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