Compassion FTW!


A few years back, my parish had a priest from India, in residence. Though his English was hard to understand at times, he gave wonderful sermons, once you figured out how to listen to him. I used to pretend he was singing. One sermon came after the Gospel reading about Jesus performing the miracle of feeding 5000 people. If you recall, his disciples approached him with one basket containing a five loaves of bread and a two fish. After saying a blessing over the food, Jesus instructs his disciples to pass the basket around to feed the masses, which they do and return with twelve baskets filled with leftovers.

This is a pretty popular bible story in the Christian world. Jesus performs a miracle and shows compassion in doing so. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve heard many a homily or sermons in regards to this story, but none has touched or stayed with me like the one Father Sam told. Paraphrasing it went something like this….

There was a woman in India, who repeatedly begged for food from anyone she came into contact with. On a regular basis, she would approach Mother Teresa and ask her to share with her family any leftovers, any scraps; but there simply wasn’t enough to go around. Yet Mother Teresa remembered the woman, after receiving an extra shipment of rice. Gathering enough rice to fill a small bag, she delivered it to the woman, apologizing there was only enough rice to feed a family of four for one day. Gratefully, the woman took the rice but did something which intrigued Mother Teresa. The woman portioned out the rice, re-sealed the bag, walked over and knocked on her Muslim neighbor’s door and handed them the bag. After a brief interaction, the woman returned and thanked Mother Teresa once more. “My child, what have you done? I brought this food for your family, to help you,” the small nun inquired. “Yes, but Sister, they are starving too,” The woman replied and was blessed for her deed.

So what does this have to do with a Mean Mommy Blog?

My theme with my children this year is Compassion.

How about we try and make 2016 the year we show compassion to every person we meet: black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim. We are all living in the same small boat and wouldn’t our lives be that much better if we were all a little kinder or understanding of our differences and one another?

Happy New Year Friends!


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