holiday melancolia…


For three years in a row, we’ve had significant snowfall on the first day back to school, following the Christmas holiday. The difference being, this year, my kids went to school this morning because the snow held off until the afternoon. In addition, this year’s”significant” snowfall simply means more than just flurries. Thank you, El Nino. So, while I’m happy as a clam “routine” has once again entered my household and I’m no longer talking sternly with the kids about doing something other than holding down the couch cushions with their rear ends, I find myself  in a kind of post-holiday melancholic funk.

Why, you might ask? Because the flurry of activity surrounding Christmas and New Year’s completely exhausts adults (me) which can make it difficult to enjoy. Yes, being an adult at Christmastime can suck. When was the last time the feeling of Christmas–the joy, the wonder, good feelings toward all, lasted more than just a few days–if not only hours? In addition, why does everything have to go so darn fast? Why can’t time slow down long enough for us all to take in what is going on around us? I seriously think we’re all so rushed we miss half of what’s going on around us… Blink once it’s Christmas. Blink twice it’s New Year’s day. Blink three times, I’m afraid to ask (although the grocery stores would like us to believe it’s Valentine’s day).

Or maybe I’m melancholic because yesterday I helped the doll write an essay to the high school’s admission office for scholarship consideration and read she’s was thinking of one day becoming a nurse. “Where did this idea come from?” I asked her. “I’ve told you about this before,” She replied. I have no memory of any conversation about her studying to become a nurse. “Mom, it’s only one possibility. I mean, heck, I’m only in eighth grade for God’s sake,” she smiled. “”For gosh sake,” I corrected and then added, “and yes, there is plenty of time for you to figure out what you wanna be when you grow up”. Then I sat there bewildered wondering just how many other things about my children have I missed by being too busy or distracted?



So well, here I sit, trying to will myself to take down the last of the Christmas decorations and tree. Unplug the seldom turned on lights, to store and repackage them all back up for another eleven months all the while willing myself to not look back sadly, but forward brightly with hopes of staying up to date with all my kids are into, even while knowing that I can’t and being alright with that knowledge.

Hmm, I think maybe the tree can stay up for one more day, don’t you?



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