minute conversations….


“Mom, so I was watching something on the internet the other night and someone was going around asking kids my age, how many stars were on the United States Flag. The poll results were split between there being 53 or 52. In fact, a fair amount of people thought there were only 51 stars as well as believing Canada was one of the states.” She said starting up a conversation with me this morning. Chuckling she added, “Makes me a little worried to see how many stupid people there are…” I nodded in agreement adding, “More like ignorant than stupid.” “If you say so…” she replied before exiting the room.


Last night the boy leaned over me and enveloped my head in a hug, lowering his head to ear level to mine and said, “Just wanted to say goodnight, I’m going to bed.” Inhaling, I noticed a nice minty smell coming from him and commented saying, “You smell like sweet mint,” referring to the sugar-free gum flavor he was chewing earlier. “Thank you very much!” He replied. “Don’t forget to brush your teeth,” I added, “I did brush my teeth, that’s the smell you’re smelling,” He informed. “Oh, I thought maybe it was the gum. By the way, are you wearing your retainer?” I asked. “Yes…” He said. “Did you wash the retainer with toothpaste?” I wondered. “Yes, and it makes all the difference,” He added. “Good. Goodnight bay!” I said chuckling to myself.





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