Feeling old…


Last month I had my yearly physical which as turned out to be three year’s since my last physical. Over that three year period, because I had turned a certain age, my doctor ordered all sorts of  not so lovely “tests” for me take. Happy New Year to me, time for a colonoscopy! Nothing says you’re an old lady more than a few of these yucky tests! But, as with all things in life, this too will pass–literally and figuratively.

Last night the doll and I were at a quandary. Should we watch American Idol’s premier episode for their final season or the People’s Choice Awards?  Such a (SMH) difficult decision to make. Ultimately the doll chose the awards show and then we both sat back and wondered why.

“Who’s that girl?” I asked as she walked up to receive her award. “She’s on some new TV show this year,” the doll informed.  I don’t watch much primetime TV and am completely lost at who many of these actors are. Awhile later a handsome man from some show based in Chicago crossed the stage and I remarked “Well he’s cute.” To which the doll, appalled replied “Jeez mom, he’s at least half your age!””Good lord doll, I said he was nice eye candy, not that I wanted to date him,” I replied annoyed.

As the show wore on and actor after actor that I didn’t know crossed the stage, I began to really feel old and outdated. “I’m not up on this pop culture,” I thought to myself. “I’m going to have to immerse myself in those dumb reality Kardashian type shows or be left out,” I reasoned. Ten minutes later, I noticed my doll sound asleep on the love seat. Even she found these awards boring. Thusly, I began to feel better about my age altogether. If keeping up with the crap on TV and pop culture is supposed to make me feel young, perhaps it’s better to feel 51, and skip all that nonsense, period.


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