fish and chips…


On Saturday, the boy and I on went in search for new school pants for him only to find out, the outlet that carried his particular type of school pants had closed. Everything is now only available online. Not wanting the time to the closed shop to go to waste, I offered to buy him lunch at an Irish bar, located in the same shopping plaza.  He ordered Fish and Chips, while I ordered a burger and then together spent some quality time discussing the world as seen through his eyes.

“I’ve missed this…” I said to him. “Well you should take me out to lunch more often…” he smiled. “Oh I see how you work, only talk with mom if the food is cooked by someone else,” I replied and he sheepishly grinned. We really didn’t solve any world problems, or discuss any pending problems that have crept up in his world. Instead, the conversation stayed light which allowed for some much-needed laughter between us, before I offered him a nugget or fifty nuggets.

“You know your grades this last semester were a sight for sore eyes…” I said before adding, “Well with the exception of French”. “Mom, I aimed to get a C in that class and that’s what I did,” He said  matter-of-factly. “Okay, but bay, wouldn’t it be cool for you to shock the shit out of that woman and actually try in her class. I mean besides shocking her, your grade point average would look better to colleges and I’ll bet that B would be a bit more satisfying for you than in your other classes, simply because you learned n spite of how much you dislike your teacher.” I tried. “Hrmpf” He mumbled. “I’ll tell you what…I’ll make you a deal. If you get a B or better in that class, I’ll give you a $50 gift card to any store you like…the only qualifier being, your other grades cannot suffer for the attention you give to French. What do you say?” “Mom I really don’t care what my French grade is…” He replied. “I know bay, but wouldn’t it be cool to earn a good grade from her–and get paid for it?”

He thought over my proposal and we actually shook hands on the idea. Whether or not I got through to him is another matter in entirety. However, I will say, he and I shared a very nice lunch together and if he decides to work a little harder in French, to earn that gift card, I would consider that icing on an already nice piece of cake.


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