The whys and means…


Could someone please explain to me WHY my kids and dog seem to have more insistence power than I do?

Me: “Doll you should not be watching this program with me, you’re too young,” I said the other night before adding, “Go to bed!”

Doll: “Mom, I don’t have school in the morning, I don’t need to go to bed early”.

Me: It’s 11:30 pm. and I don’t care if you don’t have school, that’s not the point. The point is I’m watching something for an adult audience. Go to bed!”

She refused to move. I should have turned the television off and forced the issue. Instead, I allowed the program to play on through primarily because once the episode ended I was going to bed. I didn’t want to have to stop and then start back up again.

Me: “Doll, please…”

I was met with “radio” silence.

Then what I feared would happen did. An inappropriate scene between two consenting adults took place and the doll’s eyes almost jumped out of her skull until she quickly covered them, bowed her head and said, “Woe, well, that was awkward!” and then began getting up from her chair to leave the room.

Me: “You think? What the heck doll, I told you this was not a show for you to watch. Why couldn’t you just go to bed like I asked?”

Doll: Jeez, chill out mom, it’s not like I’ve been blinded or anything. I just decided I really should go to bed…”

Me: Too bad you can’t wipe that image out of your mind”.

Doll: Stop blowing things out of proportion mom…

Uh huh.


My dog loves her “crack” treats we give to her following each trip she takes outside and does her business. In the evening, my hubby takes her for a walk, shortly before he turns in for the evening. Last night he said to her, “That’s it for the night dog, you’re in for the night. See ya in the morning”. Looking at him I asked, “Who are you kidding? She’ll be on our laps begging to go outside every hour for the next three hours”.

Exactly one hour later she leaned on me for ten minutes insisting we put her out into the frozen tundra of our backyard to do her business. Less than a minute later, back in the house, she hopped around and barked insistently until I gave her  the “crack” she “earned” for braving the cold temps. An hour later, she jumped into my lap, wanting to go out again.

On a side note, let me explain, the dog loves my husband and the doll but only tolerates me while she tries to avoid the boy. And when I say tolerates me, let me say she’s more likely to walk a mile in a different direction than have anything to do with me, unless, she wants me to feed her “crack”.

A short time later, after a quick glance at the clock told me my bedtime was upon me, following the end of a program I was watching on my laptop, the dog jumped into my lap wanting to go outside again. “No, you’ve already been outside twice!” I informed and brushed her back to the floor. She jumped back up and tried to walk up my arm, sticking her stinky face into mine. “Get down, the answer is “no”.” I said, again brushing her back to the floor. The third time she jumped onto my laptop, turning off the device in the process. “What the…” I said before standing up to let her out, one final time for the evening. 

Yet, if I call her for any reason she pretends to be deaf. 



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