intelligent doll….


“Mom, you know there are times when….” The doll began to tell me about something happening at school. I sat and listened and then laughed. We exchanged a few ideas and then generally agreed on which idea worked best. At the same time, the television show Lip Sinc Battle played in the background. Every once and a while we both would get caught by what was being “sung” and pause mid-sentence to watch. “I’ve never heard of this “song,” I said, making sure she understood I didn’t really consider it much of a song either. “Me either,” She replied.

We watched for a minute longer and then I said, “See, if they were really clever, they’d have come up with a better way to say all that without using curse words”. As if appalled by my statement she looked at me and said, “Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black?” and I laughed. “I have a potty mouth, I know…” I didn’t argue. “What I don’t get is the boy drops F-bombs all the time and you hardly ever correct him, but I barely utter one colorful word and boom, you’re all over me,” She said.

“Doll, I’m a girl with a potty mouth, so you can take this with a grain of salt if you want, but, your brother is simply behaving like every other sixteen-year-old boy, on the planet, so his use profanity doesn’t bother me, really. But, let me ask you, have you ever watched a video where a girl your age or maybe in her late teens/early twenty’s comes on and every other word coming out of her mouth is F this F that?” She nodded her head. “Does she sound intelligent to you? Because she doesn’t sound very intelligent to me. In fact, she comes across to me as being ignorant…like maybe she dropped out of school when they taught English and etiquette “. “Yeah, they do kind of look dumb when they do that,” she agreed. “Dumb and ignorant,” I added and then continued, “So, if you’re smart enough to use intelligent sounding words, why not use them instead of falling back on profanity. Believe me, more people will notice the intelligent people than the ignorant ones”.

“Yet you have a potty mouth…” She said and smiled. “And yet I do… but I try…every Lent to give up swearing and some nice charity gets a good donation. So in my book, it’s all good.” “Keep telling yourself that mom…” She laughed drawing the conversation to a close.


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