Rescued by love…


Over the weekend, I faced one of my fears and went to see a movie by myself. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but usually, when I want to see a film that my husband does not, I wait for the DVD to rent. But after reading and listening to different people talk about this film, I felt the urgency to see the movie, regardless whether I could find someone to go with me or not. “Mom, I’ll go with you…” my doll offered. “Doll it’s rated R and well, you can wait to see it when you’re a bit older,” I explained. “Sex…huh? I’ve watched R rated movies before that had sex scenes in them…” She replied. “Doll, the movie deals with adult themes; nothing you need to think about right now,” I said, squashing her argument.

Afterward, when I arrived home my husband asked, “Well? Was it good?” “I’m not telling you…coward,” I said and smiled. “I’m not a coward if I don’t want to get depressed at a movie,” He replied. “No, who said anything about being depressed. You missed a well acted, very good movie. The best part is, I don’t know how long it will take for this movie to leave me. I bet I’ll be thinking about this one next week. That’s how good the movie was. That’s what you chose not to see.” I said. “Yep, sounds depressing to me…” He quipped and I let the subject drop.


How often do we look at our children and think, “You saved my life?” The boy saved my life, 17 and a half years ago when his pregnancy forced me after twenty years of smoking, to quit. Nevermind the steroids I took for Bronchial asthma to breathe–yet still took “drags” everytime the drugs opened my lungs to breathe. Nevermind the genuine attempts at trying, yet failing to quit, nevermind the shortness of breath I experienced when I walked small distances. The only willpower I found to quit came from the boy and the desire to deliver a healthy baby. The boy saved my life and rescued me from a future with more difficult medical issues–and I make sure he’s aware of this frequently.

I mention this because, in the film Room, the audience is given many illustrations of how love rescues. Without giving too much away, a brief synopsis is the story revolves around “Ma” and her five-year-old  son “Jack”. Ma was kidnapped and has been held captive for 7 years inside a small shed, which for better or worse, she’s raised her son believing the room is the sum total of their universe. Shortly after his fifth birthday, she decides the time has come to tell him the truth, so they may possibly escape their captivity and hatch a plan to do so. Without giving anything away, they do escape their prison only to walk into a new one, filled with prying eyes, media attention, along with their own identity issues.

On paper, this film does sound depressing and I won’t lie, there are moments that are very tough to watch, especially for parents of teenage girls. The heartbreak of losing a child in such a manner-believing they are dead, I don’t wish on my worst enemy. But the acting is superb and worthy of every accolade they receive–especially Jacob Trembly, who portrays “Jack” and Brie Larson, who portrays “Ma”.

I strongly recommend seeing this powerful movie about the power love has to rescue us all, even in direst of circumstances.



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