reading the doll…


Yesterday, the doll walked over and stood in front of me for a moment, then began to raise both arms (along her side) beginning at her waist, up a little bit with her palms facing out, and then dropped them back down. I looked at her nonplussed face and tried to read what she was trying to convey to me. In other words, I stood still and blinked back at her.

In other words, I stood still and blinked back at her.

Realizing her lame mom did not understand, she tried again. Lifting her arms slowly (perhaps trying not to lose me), out from her side, palms facing out half-way up and then lowered them quickly. Again, her facial expression remained neutral, leaving me wondering what the heck she wanted.

Standing still I blinked back at her, stupidly lost trying to decipher her…

“Did she just tell me something about school that I blanked out on?”

“Does she need instructions on how to make dinner?” (I’ll admit this was more of a pipe dream than actual wonderment)

“Does she want a cookie?”

“She’s freaking me out here! What the heck does she want???”

I thought to myself in the whole fifteen seconds I stood there looking perplexed.


On a whim, I decided



and leaned forward to envelop her into a hug.

Much to my surprise, she was not repulsed by my hug initiation, but rather achieved the goal she had all along…

“Mom, I don’t think I’ll ever stop giving you little pats on the back,” she said as she made tiny little pats on my shoulder with her fingers.

“Please don’t,” I replied, soaking in the hug for all it was worth.


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