daily jinx…


Yesterday, lost in thought, I caught myself staring out the window. Well actually, the doll caught me looking out the window, which made her in turn look out the window, wondering what could be mesmerizing me at that moment. “I was thinking about something…” I said to her, drawing myself back into the room. “Yeah, I kind of thought so…” the doll said, turning to look out the window again before she added, “I wondered what outside was holding your attention.” “As opposed to you?” I asked. “Jeez mom, of course, it’s all about me,” She laughed. My husband who was also seated at the table quipped, “Don’t I know it!” “You should,” the doll and I said at the same time, which made us both begin to yell “Jinx! Jinx! Double Jinx!”

“You owe me a pop mom!” the doll said having won the Jinx game. “Do you still enjoy pop?” I asked. Thinking for a moment she replied, “I amend my request, you owe me a hot chocolate”. “What about me?” My husband asked. “For someone sitting there lurking on my facebook page, you’re awfully needy today,” I replied. “Doll, do you hear how your mother talks to me?” He asked which made prompted us both to smile. “Dad, don’t even try…” She said, setting down a hot chocolate in front of him.  “Oh,” He responded in surprise, before thanking her and going back to lurking.



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