all about the boy…


My son is one of the sweetest, more loveable kids on the planet–and that includes his sister, to whom she wishes he didn’t know. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t offer to give me a hug, pat my head (which I’ll admit is trying), tell me he “luuuvvssss meeee,” or share some interesting tidbit he’s come across, just to engage me in conversation. I truly love this kid.

I truly love this kid.

But for all the sweetness and lovey-dovey words that come out of his mouth, he is also quite infuriating when common sense stuff comes into play. Take, for instance, Wednesday, when we arrived at his school for morning drop off and something felt off. “Why does it feel like I’m arriving early?” He asked glancing at the car’s clock which showed we definitely were not early. “Um, are you by chance on a two-hour delay today?” I asked, knowing on occasion, his school schedules late starts for teacher meetings every now and again. Thinking for a moment, he replied, “Ohhh shi__” oddly enough stopping from himself from saying the full word in front of me. Closing his eyes he took a breath and said, “Yes, we are on a delay today”. “How did you not remember the delay?” I asked perplexed. “I don’t know. I guess I forgot!” He replied annoyed. “FORGOT?” I asked trying to get him to tell me the truth. “Fine. I failed to pay attention to today’s date…” He replied.


Feeling bad for a minute, I said, “Sorry for your luck bay, but you need to get out of the car…” “But Mommm…” He tried. “Bay, we’re here and I have to work and won’t be able to bring you at the later time. Sorry dude, get out of the car,” I informed. He grunted in reply while gathering his gear. “Try to use this time constructively, say, for maybe studying French…” I said, which brought about another grunt from him. “Are you sure you can’t…” He tried again. “I will be in an adoration hour with Mrs. K and we can’t leave until after ten. So no, I can’t,” I explained. “Fine, love you…” He said, exiting the car. For my part, I did wait to see that he could get into the building, just in case the doors were locked. I’m not that heartless, well at least not yesterday.

When he arrived home from school yesterday I asked him, “So how did you spend your extra two hours?” The doll, who happened to be seated next to me, interrupted and asked, “Wait, what extra two hours?” “Your brother had a two-hour delay he didn’t remember this morning,” I explained. Incredulous she looked pointed at him and said, “What is wrong with you?” and laughed. “Mom, did you have to ask me in front of her?” Bay complained, not answering my original question. “Alright, doll…” I said, trying to squelch her laughter. “Bay…what did you study French?” I asked again. “No, I went to my creative writing class and waited. My teacher has a radio in her class, so I listened to NPR and heard some very interesting stories,” he explained. “So, no studying at all?” I said, already knowing the answer. “No. I enjoyed myself instead,” He said as he exited the room.

“Of course, you did…” I replied, my words falling on deaf ears.


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