going forward….


About two weeks ago, I posted my 1500th blog and didn’t even notice until the following week. I thought about going back and reposting the blog with a huge sign that read, “1500th blog!! Wow am I good or what?” but then thought better of the project. Instead, another milestone had passed and some of you, with nothing better to do, continue to read, even the horribly written, writer’s blocked, pushed through blogs. Thank you. The first week of March, I celebrate 6 years of writing and will revisit some of my favorite blogs–mostly because they wrote themselves. My kids are brilliant, insane geniuses and they have an obnoxious mother. I hope you’ll once again take the time to read them…again.

Speaking of writer’s block…

The boy this morning lamented he did not have a chance to finish his review of Star Wars, this morning for the school paper. “Is the review due today?” I asked. “Yes. I just feel off, not with it at all, this morning,” He offered as an excuse. “How long have you had to submit your piece?” I asked. “Four weeks”. He replied. “Four weeks!?!” I replied a bit surprised. “Well, I wanted to wait until I had seen the movie for a second time (which he did last Sunday), before submitting my final draft,” He explained.

“Time management bay,” I offered. “That’s not it…” He tried. “No?” “No, I just didn’t finish it this morning…” He tried again. “Bay, let’s look at this week alone… there was the two-hour delay you sat in a classroom listening to NPR—ample time for you to write a review. Then last night when you came home, you played video games for an hour and a half…” I said. “I needed to unwind from school…” He said. “I’m not discounting that argument bay, however, you knew you had something to finish and you chose play time over writing. In addition, after I kicked you off the television last night, what did you do with your time?” “I listened to some podcasts…” He replied. “Time management bay…not everything is about pleasuring yourself with games, videos, and podcasts”.

He grumbled aloud though I’m not sure if the grumble was meant for me and the lecture or the realization that he let himself down. Regardless, hopefully, he’ll (finally) learn the importance of not waiting for the last possible second to get a job done right.


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