I’ve just pulled into the parking lot of my son’s school, awaiting his emergence from the building, when I picked up my iPhone to “play” while I wait when it dawned on me, I’ve forgotten to write the blog. 

Bad Marsha! 

But I have kind of an excuse… 

Taxes. I’ve done everything in my power to avoid getting started on them until today and well, even today has presented their own challenges to getting started.

-A shelf in our entertainment center decided to dump all its contents.

-A drawer we use to keep video games is haphazardly filled, forcing me to empty, reorder and put back together, so I can put a game from the fallen shelf away.

-the new printer decided it no longer liked my laptop and completely dumped its program, forcing me to find the program disk, to upload.

-a Pilates workout.

I know the word “tax” is supposed to address money, however I think it also means a tax on our mental and physical systems–I’m exhausted and have barely started.  But there is always tomorrow and the weekend. 



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