shocking revelations…


Last year, my hubby and I had the option to purchase our leased car for more money than the darn thing was worth or get a new leased car. We opted for a new leased car, primarily because we fell in love with a Toyota Prius V. We liked the way the car handled, the speakers and most importantly, we loved the fact the car is a hybrid–and gets fantastic gas mileage (Avg 40 mpg). Since then people always ask us about the car and how we charge the electric engine. I’ve explained the process numerous times with the kids present and without, so I was in a bit of a quandary the other day when the boy asked me about the car.

“Mom, where do you plug the car in at night?” He asked as I drove him to school. “What?” I replied, thinking perhaps I misunderstood what he had just asked. “This is an electric car, is it not?” He asked. “Yesss…” I replied. “So it stands to reason you would need to charge the battery somehow…” He added. “Yess…” I again replied without giving away any information. “But I’ve never seen you plug it in. How do you charge it?” He asked.

“Do you ever pay attention to me when I’m talking?” I asked, honestly wanting to know. “Well, it depends on the topic, really,” He replied with all sincerity–which didn’t surprise or hurt me, he is almost 17 years old, after all.  Thus, I began to explain to him about friction and how simply pressing on my brakes could produce an electric charge for the battery, etc., before adding “Now remember, there will be a quiz on this later…” Hoping to produce a spark or reaction from him. Instead, by then he had tuned me out, once more.

What a shock….not.


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