Sweet dreams…?


There are days where all I seem to do is shake my head at my children.

Take for instance my son, who the other night, kissed me goodnight and announced his intention to go to sleep. As he gathered his belongings, I said to him, “Don’t forget your retainer, “Only to be told, “It’s right here”. One could assume “It’s right here,” meant that he was currently wearing the device.

However, an hour later when my bedtime called, I was surprised to find my son, wide awake writing something on his Ipad. “Bay?” “Sorry, mom I got hit by a sudden burst of inspiration…” He announced. “Bay, dude, you told me you were going to bed,” I said. “You can’t stop inspiration when it hits, though,” He tried again while jumping out of bed and walking toward me. “Stop!” I said, already knowing his intention to distract me with a  hug hoping to keep me from being upset with him. “Bay, where is your retainer?” I asked. “Uh, er, well I must have…” He tried. “So, not only did you lie to me about going to bed, but you also lied to me about your retainer and now you’re thinking, ‘Give mom a hug and distract her’ eh?” Stopping and looking back at me he replied, “I didn’t intentionally lie, I forgot to put the retainer in and yes, I was going to give you a hug to distract you.” “Get your retainer and go to bed,” I replied watching him move. “If you complain in the morning about your lack of sleep…” I added, before turning to head up the stairs to my room., shaking my head all the way.


Earlier that same evening, while I happily watched the end of ‘Castle’, I looked over where the doll was seated and said, “Doll, time to get ready for bed”. “You don’t have to tell me,” She replied; her tone dripping with acidic attitude. “What?” I replied. “Mom, I certainly know when my bedtime is and don’t need to be reminded when I should go get ready,” She returned. A bit shocked by this turn of events I replied, “Well, I beg to differ. Your reply should have been “Okay, thank you mom” instead of the crap that just came out of your mouth.” “Mom, I’m well aware of my bedtime and your incessant need to remind me is unnecessary.” “Doll,” I began, “Go to bed, now.” I said, shaking my head in disbelief at her over the top attitude and attempt at ruining the end of my television program.




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