I call BS…


My son is so full of… well, I gave up cursing for LENT so, I’ll have to refrain from using some words. However, that does not negate the fact that he is teeming full of &%$@.  Last Friday when I picked him up from school he casually mentioned, “Today was Mr. CCHS day…” as an attempt to start a ‘pass the drive time’ conversation with me. “Oh yeah, were you nominated?” I asked. “Mom, I’m not involved in sports, so why would I?” He replied and then explained, “That had to do with the Sadie Hawkins dance this weekend, you know, where the girl asks the boy to the dance…”

“Has anyone asked you?” I asked (as his mother I had the right to know) carrying on the conversation. “Allie’s asked. Repeatedly,” He replied. “Bayyy,” I returned (Allie’s the girl who asked him his Freshman year and he turned her down but agreed instead to become very good school friends).”Mom, she knows I don’t like dances,” He said. “Bay, we talked about this before. Maybe you could go for a little while and then go to a movie. Compromise.” I tried. “No, it wouldn’t work. She’d want to be there the entire time,” He returned. “Well I don’t blame her for that, still…do you know how difficult it is for a girl to ask a boy out? Besides the fact that she’s your friend. You could have said yes, to support your friend,” I argued.

Before I go further, let me explain, the boy has only been to one dance “The Freshman Mixer” the weekend before his high school career began. When I arrived that evening to pick him up, he was visibly upset that we “made” him attend. “The music was too loud and everyone was uninteresting,” he yelled. Hence, his frame of reference for a dance is quite small.

Not happy with my responses he went on the defensive and said, “Mom there are two things I hate about dances. First of all, they occur on the weekends and I don’t like giving up my weekends…” Before he could go further, I began yelling, “I call BS, I call BS. You are so full of junk! What do you do on the weekends that is so important? You sometimes spend the days with your Grandmother playing video games, maybe going for a few walks if the weather is nice and having her treat you to Panera’s, or you stay at home connected to the internet 24/7. Dear God Bay, giving up one precious evening where you’re not lying around on your rear end all night, might actually be good for you! And who knows? You might actually have fun interacting with others”.

As you might imagine, he did not appreciate my reply. “Mom, it’s also too loud there,” He tried. “Let me ask you a question, is it too loud because you don’t like the type of music they play or is it simply too loud?” Thinking for a moment, he replied, “I refuse to answer on grounds I might incriminate myself.” “Bay, for the love of God, try something new for a change. Expand your horizons. Stop thinking with your comfort ass and instead, use your brain.” He proceeded to grumble for the rest of our car ride home essentially bringing our conversation to a close.

Another Shake My Head moment for me, courtesy of the boy.


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