A red carnation…


A fun happy memory popped into my head Friday morning as I drove the boy to school. Remembering that Valentine’s Day would occur over the weekend, I said to him “Oh hey, I wonder if you’ll get any carnations today”. “Highly doubtful,” he replied quickly. “Why? I mean you keep telling us what an awesome friend you are to a lot of girls… Who knows, perhaps one of them will send you a carnation,” I replied. He didn’t really answer me, save for a few grunts and grumbles, so I continued on.

“I remember when I was a sophomore, I rode the bus to school with this boy who, in retrospect, reminds me a bit of you,” pausing to muse for a moment before I continued on “He had the prettiest blue eyes…” I said more to myself than him.”In any case,” I thought he was kinda cute and probably didn’t know I was alive so I sent him a carnation for St Valentine’s Day…what was his name, Phil…something or other..” I said more to myself than to him. “Maybe someone will send you a carnation for the same reason,” I finished. “I don’t think so,” he reiterated as we pulled up to school and he exited the vehicle.

Later, Mrs. K accompanied me to retrieve the boy after school and were both happily surprised to see walking toward us carrying a single red carnation. “What is this?” I asked when he reached the car.”A carnation my friend Katelyn sent to me,” he replied with a nice smile. “Is she in your anime club?” I wondered.

The other day when he arrived home from anime club he asked me to smell his sweatshirt jacket. “Eww, why?” I replied grossed out. “Dad said it smells like perfume,” He replied. “Bay, why would your jacket smell like perfume?” I asked. “Because all the girls gave me a hug goodbye at the end of our meeting,” he explained. “What about the dudes?” I asked. “Mom, you know me, I’m an equal opportunity hugger”. 

 “No, last year, I sat next to her in English and every time I see her in the hallways, I say hello to her.” Smiling at his reply, I asked if I could see the “card” attached to the carnation, which read, “You are a very nice person and a very good friend! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!” “Oh that’s sweet,” I said to him. “Were you surprised?” I asked. “Yes, I was and she is a sweet girl,” He added. “Did you see her in the hallway to thank her?” I asked and he replied that he had. “Well, this is really cool bay, I’m glad you got one,” I finished and was happy when he replied, “So am I.”


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