She was amused, though not overwhelmed. I entered her bedroom carrying my small Bluetooth speakers and my iPhone, blasting my favorite birthday song, “Happy happy happy happy birthday-birthday” from her childhood, courtesy of Bear and the Big Blue House.

As the music played and I shimmied across her bedroom floor, she smiled, raised her hands to cover her mouth and then eyes until the music ended. Looking at her I smiled and said “Happy Birthday, doll!” She laughed, then leaned over and gave me a hug saying “Thank you!” 

Holding the hug for an extra few seconds before stepping back, I looked back at her and said, “Now get up!!”  “Mom, I’ve been awake for a few hours now…” She replied. “Oh I see how you are, leaving me to do all the work getting ready for your sleepover tonight.” I jokingly scolded. “Well it is my birthday,” She reminded. “Hey and that means 14 smacks!” I said with a wide evil grin.  “Aren’t I a little too old for these smacks, mom?” She asked. “So long as I can smack ya, you should be on the lookout,” I replied and began to leave her room before adding, “So get up and get busy before you give me a reason other than turning fourteen to give you some smacks!” She smiled and agreed without further fuss.


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