The fishing expedition…


“Mom, when are you going to write about the sleepover?” The doll asked me Monday evening. “Hmm, I don’t know, Tuesday, Wednesday, I’m not sure,” I replied. Looking at me oddly, she asked, “What did you write about today?” I pointed to the carnation and the doll nodded her head in agreement. “When you do write about us, what are you going to say?” She asked. “Hmm, I haven’t decided yet. Is there something special you don’t want me to write about?” I inquired. “Well…” She began before I interrupted her, “Doll, I’ll be respectful of your privacy, I promise”. She nodded and then asked, “So, what do you think about everything you overheard?”


The fact of the matter is, while the girls didn’t seem to mind talking about everything while I was in the same room, I was busy calling for pizza, clearing off the counters, scooping up ice cream and a million other little chores that keep a slumber party afloat to hear everything they said. But that doesn’t mean the doll needs to know.

“Your complaints didn’t sound any worse than any others over the years,” I said and hoped she would open up a little more. Nodding her head she looked a little relieved. “Though Hearing all the boy talk was interesting…” I said and her cheeks reddened. As if trying to call my bluff, she said “What do you mean?” “It’s just in the past Stephanie was the only one talking about them. Now everyone was..” 

This seemingly satisfied her curiosity because she moved onto her next inquiry. “Well at least now you see I’m not the only one who dislikes that teacher.”  “Yes unfortunately, I did.” I replied. “What does that mean?” She asked. “What does what mean?” I replied; lost. “The ‘Unfortunately’. What do you mean, unfortunately”? “Doll, just that it’s unfortunate that you all dislike her…” I replied.  “That’s her fault for assigning so many projects. Mom she talks to us like high school students but then doesn’t give us credit for having big vocabularies, ” She argued.

“Otherwise, I think the sleepover went fairly well..” I said hoping to change the subject. She nodded quickly and added, “I think everyone had a good time, except next year…” She stopped mid sentence to acknowledge my hand in the Stop position, placed before her. “Doll, before you go planning the next one, how about giving your old mom l a few days to recover from this one?” She giggled her reply effectively ending her fishing expedition. 


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