February reminders…


I mentioned in an earlier blog, I would be celebrating my sixth anniversary as a blog writer at the end of this month and with thanks to Facebook memories, I have been re-reading/reliving some of my older blog posts. You would think I would remember everything I’ve ever written, but no, I’ve been quite surprised both by how well and or how horrible my writing has been these last six years. I guess you could say I’m consistently trying, just not always succeeding. Of course, there has always been an underlying thought to go back and edit them better, but alas. Thankfully, somehow, the main theme of the stories have been discernible in spite of my limited writing abilities.

“Hey doll, today is the anniversary of Kitty the hamster’s death,” I informed the doll Sunday night. “Thanks for picking that scab mom. Why would you want me to remember that?” She replied. “You should always remember loved ones…” I said before adding,”Facebook memories reminded me,” and then read aloud what I had written four years ago, “Goodbye Kitty the hamster, my doll is heartbroken.” “I was too,” she acknowledged and then laughed adding, I can’t believe we took her to the vet in a Tampax box.” “Smiling at the memory, I replied, “Tell me about it…”  “How was I supposed to know what that box was for? I was a little kid…” She said with a hint of embarrassed humor to her voice before she covered her eyes with her hands and she shook her head back and forth. “If nothing else doll, it makes a good story and memory to be embarrassed by for the rest of your life,” I said with a smile. Lifting her head she nodded before adding, “Oh and I’m not the one who should be embarrassed, that’s all yours mommy dear”.

To which, any respectable mother of a fourteen-year-old girl would reply, “Whatever doll”.


If interested in catching up on the story referenced above, please click the link below. If not, no worries, I’m sure you’ve all read this (one of my better written) story before.

Of Kitty and Doll…



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