making the mundane interesting…


Six years ago, while I was behaving like the Parent Association secretary in the main office for my children’s school, the doll wandered in to see the nurse. Seeing me she explained why she was there and our subsequent conversation sparked my first blog. I remember telling the office staff that when I arrived home I was going to write a blog about our encounter and name the overall blog the Mean Mommy’s Memoirs. The most incredible part of this whole story is that I actually followed through with my idea–something I’m not always known for doing.


Yesterday when Mrs. K and I picked the boy up from school, instead of the usual pleasantry when he reaches the car, the boy asked instead, “Can we make a detour to the cemetery?” Looking over at Mrs. K I asked her if she were in a hurry. “Not particularly,” Came her reply. “Okay bay, but why?” I asked him. “I need to find an interesting name for a story I’m writing and the name generator program I’m using isn’t sparking my imagination,” He explained. “Well alrighty then.” I said and then drove over to our town’s most historic cemetery; not too far from our home.

“What kind of an assignment are you doing?” Mrs. K asked when we entered the cemetery. “I’m writing a story and need a good name for the character,” the boy replied. “Why are we in a cemetery?” She asked not understanding his reply. “He’s looking for a distinctive name, one he can’t come up with on his own,” I explained. “Oh, what a good idea,” She replied. “Mom, would you pull over here, I want to take a picture of this tombstone,” He asked every time he would find one with an interesting name.

“Look at that tree!” Mrs. K announced, pointing to an oversized sycamore tree with a giant split-chasm in the trunk. “Goodness, a fairly large animal could live comfortably inside that tree,” she remarked. As I slowly drove past, we noticed the tombstone next to the tree was marked with the family name “WIDER”. “Mom, can you stop the car, I’d like to get a picture of the tree and tombstone to denote their irony,” The boy asked and I complied. A short time later the boy informed he had some very good names to choose from and we began winding our way around and out toward home. “Well, this was a really cool cemetery,” the boy remarked. Mrs. K, without missing a beat replied, “Yes, everyone’s dying to get in,” and then began giggling. Not long after, the boy and I joined her, making our drive home all the more enjoyable.




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