snow day…?


The winter storm that was predicted to hit our area did but with less ferocity than originally planned, thanks in part to the warmer temperatures here than for our neighbors to the north. While we did receive a good three inches of the white stuff, the snow, though heavy and wet was rather easy to remove. In fact, very little salt was needed on the cleared sidewalks–continued falling snow melts on contact. Perhaps because our current winter has been milder than in recent years, the area schools closed their doors today, allowing both kids to enjoy a snow day.

The doll awoke with a start and in her words, “almost suffered a heart attack” thinking her parents forgot to wake her up for school, before realizing the snow day was in effect. The boy, who for some reason awoke before 6 a.m., decided his best use of time was to play video games all morning. “Mom, I’m having difficulty getting the main drive to connect to the wifi system”. “Bay, I’m going to work out and then we’re going to shovel some snow. “Correction, you’re going to shovel snow,” He replied. “Excuse me? Come again?” I asked. “You’re better equiped to handle the snow than I am,” He tried. “Bay…seriously?” “Mom, it’s my snow day. I should be allowed to enjoy it any way I see fit…” he replied. “You know, I’m not sure which there is more of here, the snow outside on the ground, or the snow you’re trying to spread inside this house with your bull.” I replied, trying not to get too irritated with him,

When the time arrived to shovel the driveways (mine and dads), I yelled to the boy to “Come on, let’s go!” “Mom, I’m on the shitter,” he replied. “Bay, shovel our driveway, I’ll get Grandpa’s,” I said and then left the house. An hour later when I returned home, the driveway was still covered in snow. Upon entering the house, there sat the boy, video game unit in hand. “Thanks for clearing the driveway bay!” I said sarcastically, more than a little annoyed. “I thought we had decided that was your job…” He replied.

Needless to say, since that conversation, his snow day as been anything but pleasureable. Not only is our house is a little cleaner, but he’s been relieved of all video related equipment until further notice. Mom’s snow days can be fun too…for her.


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